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    With Glare Guard you finally have a product that eliminates the annoying glare you have on the road. With polarized film embedded into the visor, sun glare has met its match

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  • Keep your eyes out of the Sun

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    Glare Guard protects your eyes no matter what conditions there might be. Use our Grey visor as an extra pair of sunglasses to reduce the harmful glare you can get while driving in the morning and throughout the day. It reduces glare drastically from oncoming cars, helping you keep your eyes on the road and keeping you safe.

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  • See Clearly at Night

    Replace your Night Driving Glasses

    Yellow Glare Guard is effective both in the day and at night. It is most helpful in darker conditions such as rain, snow and night driving. It greatly reduces the glare you receive from oncoming traffic and other lights that might be effecting your driving. It also has been shown to drastically reduce the blue light some of the new headlights have that have been linked to eye damage. This guard also helps to keep your eyes less stressed and helps to keep you more awake on the road.

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    With Glare Guard we have one price for our superior product and standard FedEx Shipping Rates

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Keep your eyes out of the sun and on the road! Eliminate All Glare Today!


Grey Glare Guard (Day)

• Eliminates up to 95% of harmful radiation
• Best use during the Day
• Works in all weather conditions
• Polarized (One of only a few on the market)
• Very Sturdy
• Keeps your eyes relaxed
• Reduces squinting


Yellow Glare Guard (Night)

• Eliminate Glare from oncoming Cars
• Brightens up night driving
• Easily Attaches to overhead visor
• Very Sturdy
• Easy on the eyes
• Velcro Holds visor perfectly into place
I threw away my night driving glasses for Glare Guard. I finally feel comfortable driving at any time of the day under any conditions.

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