Car Sun Visors for Day & Night

Glare Guard’s are polarized car visors that assist in glare elimination.

These products easily attach to the built-in car sun visors that are above your head. Each visor comes with velcro straps to ensure its attached and secure. Each visor is hand made in the United States of America & is of the highest quality of polarizing film. Each visor has adjustable hinges so that you can angle the visor in the perfect position to remove the most glare from your line of vision.


Our Polarized Grey Visor is primarily used during the day to protect your eyes against the glare of the sun.

Whether the sun is directly in your line of vision or there is a glare coming off of a car or building, Glare Guard will help. Not only does it protect your eyes & reduce glare, but it also works to increase clarity to keep you safe behind the wheel. It can also be used in addition to your sunglasses (polarized or not) & just increases your protection even more.


The Yellow Night Driving Visor is primarily used at night and in dark conditions.

It uses the polarization properties to aid in eliminating the harmful glare from oncoming headlights. Oncoming glare at night is a problem for many people and especially senior citizens. Many people with eye issues avoid driving at night because of these issues. The polarizing properties in the Night Driving Visor reduce the glare but still allow enough light to reach your eyes and keep you safe behind the wheel.


Eliminate Glare & Start Driving Safe Today!