Glare Guard is the ONLY Brand of Polarized Car Visors in the World!

Each product distributed by Glare Guard is hand crafted and carefully inspected to insure that each product is of the highest quality. Every product that we offer is manufactured in the United States of America and can be seen all around the world. We are always adding more products and look for any feedback you may have so subscribe to us and let us know any ideas that you may have!

Now, Glare Guard is a subsidiary of Wave Polarizer, LLC and is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. All manufacturing is handled by Wave Polarizer and all sales/marketing are handled by 3D Mention Media, LLC.


Our Primary business, Wave Polarizer, handles all manufacturing of Polarized Film and is one of only four manufacturers of polarized film in the world. We are also the ONLY manufacturer of custom polarizer in the world. We use our Polarizing expertise to ensure that every product that comes out of Glare Guard is of the highest quality and Made in America.

Wave Polarizer was originally known as International Polarizer. International Polarizer was a large polarized film manufacturer out of Boston, Massachusetts and were eventually bought out & rebranded as Wave Polarizer. Many employees from International Polarizer are still very much involved with Wave and Glare Guard, which adds many years of polarizing experience to the operation.


Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the owner & operator of Wave Polarizer. Wave is only one of many companies that he is involved with.  Mark was born and raised in Laurel, Montana and out of the University of Montana, got into the movie industry. After years of working for the same employer, Mark decided to go out on his own and start his own company, Big Sky Industries. Big Sky would go on to make theater equipment for big theaters such as Regal and AMC. Because the movie industry converted from a film base to a digital base, Big Sky Industries was forced to close & that’s when the move into the polarized film industry started.

Dane Smith

Dane Smith is Mark’s son and has a Marketing degree from the Smeal School of Business at Penn State University. Much of his focus has been on learning Search Engine Optimization along with all aspects of Digital Marketing. He handles all aspects of Marketing and operates a few other websites.

A portfolio of his work can be seen at www.3dmentionmedia.com.

Mike Avallone

Mike Avallone has known Mark Smith for many years. He worked along side Mark before Big Sky started & followed Mark to his new business. Mike Handles many parts of production and all aspects of Shipping.