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Driving at Night: Quick Tips


1) Try lowering the brightness on your dashboard display. Driving around with the brightness up as high as it will go can compromise your vision. You want your eyes focused on the road and not on dashboard displays distracting you from what matters.


2) Make sure to keep your windshield clean. Your windshield may appear clean throughout the day but as soon as it gets dark, the headlights from oncoming traffic can really make your streaky windshield stand out. This can be distracting and at night you need to focus all of your attention on the road.


3) Keep your rearview mirrors clean. Dirty rearview mirrors can actually increase the effect the glare has on your eyes. Lights from the cars behind you can then get in your eyes and distract you.


4) Keep your eyes moving. Try constantly scanning the road at night instead of focusing on a single spot on the road. This will help to keep you feeling more awake. Also, try a checkup with an optometrist at least once every three years if you are under 40; every two years from 40 to 60 and then every year after that. (according to the American Optometric Association)


5) If you are a candidate for cataract surgery, ask your doctor about replacing your clouded natural lenses with an aspheric intra-ocular lens. These are known to help with contrast and can really clear up some vision issues.


6) Take your time. Do not drive if your eyes are too fatigued or if driving conditions are too bad. Focus on driving and keeping yourself safe.


Look into POLARIZED night driving glasses or our polarized Night Vision Visor.


Please Use These Tips for Driving at Night and if you have any other suggestions/tips or other comments please let us know!


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