Sun Glare While Driving

Sun Glare While Driving: How to stay safe when driving toward the sun

Many of us wake up early to go into work and leave right before it is time to eat dinner. While these times are widely known as rush hour, this time of day can be very dangerous– and not just because of the heavy traffic. During this period of day, where the sun is at its lowest point in the day,  depending on what direction you travel and the type of road you’re on, you could experience dangerous road glare. Experiencing bright sun glare while driving can be annoying and very dangerous.


While the car comes equipped with a visor, this does not effectively do its job. This blocks the sun but limits the amount of the windshield that you can see. While driving you want to see as much of the road as you can in order to stay safe on the road. Many people just use this built-in car visor and that’s why we felt the need to put together a page giving people some pointers on how they can stay avoid glare and keep themselves safe behind the wheel.


Here are some of the best tips we have come up with:

  • Invest in POLARIZED sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses block out horizontal waves that come from reflected light. If you want more protection think about a car sun visor
  • Be sure to leave plenty of distance between your car and the car in front of you so you have room to come to a stop without danger.
  • Keep your windshield clean and free of cracks that can cause the light to spread and intensify glare.
  • Keep your dashboard free of items such as electronics or glossy items that can reflect light.
  • Take your time driving on the road.
  • Try pulling off the road in a safe place if you still can’t see. Wait a few minutes until the sun moves into a different position so it is easier for you to see. Be patient.
  • Avoid Distractions. Things such as cell phones and music players can take away your attention when driving in general (not just in harsh sun conditions). Driving requires your full attention.


Please follow these guidelines to reduce the sun glare while driving. Your input is welcome.  If you have further input or tips, kindly leave a comment below!

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