Car Sun Shield: What’s best?

Best Visor to Reduce Glare

If you have difficulty with glare and light sensitivity, you might be looking for a Car Sun Shield to reduce glare. To make the best possible choice, there are a number of factors you need to consider.


Sun Glare Puts Your Eyes at Risk
Intense sunlight causes glare all day, but is more pronounced while driving during the early morning and late afternoon hours, depending on the season. The angle of the sun at these times is reflected off the hood of your car, your dashboard, other cars, water, snow and ice in the winter and and even the surface of the road. Sun glare is highly distracting and puts a strain on your eyes. It makes your pupils contract and you end up squinting which leads to eye fatigue over an extended period.

Polarized Sunglasses and Glare Guard

Ray Bans LogoQuality sunglasses and visor extenders offer polarized protection which eliminates most sun glare. Normally, sunlight reflects in all directions so when it hits a flat or shiny surface, it bounces off and magnifies the glare, which reduces your depth perception, distorts your view and sense of color. Polarized lenses and car sun visors have a protective film that absorbs light, reducing glare dramatically. When you wear polarized sunglasses and use a polarized Car Sun Shield, you maximize your vision and eye protection.Polarized Lenses


Glare Guard Sun Shield is manufactured with polarization, but most other manufactures skip this essential step. We control every aspect of our production process including production of the polarized film, ensuring a superior quality product. Count on Glare Guard to provide you with the top-of-the-line visors you need to protect your eyes and see better.


Glare Guard Car Sun Visor is made from Sturdy Materials

The best car sun visor is made from quality materials that are sturdy and will last. The same is true for the brackets that hold the visor in place as well. The last thing you want is a cheap piece of plastic hitting you in the face while driving and that is exactly what you get when you order driving visors advertised on TV.


Polarized Car Sun Shields vs. Built in Car Visor

A Polarized Car Visor is a much safer option for the simple reason that you can actually see through it versus the built in visor. This is why Glare King, Maxi-Aids and Glare Guard are the most effective glare reducing car visors on the market. When you do the research, you’ll discover that quality products are all roughly the same price so it easy to filter out lower quality options. If the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is.


Quality shields with polarization and sturdy materials range from $30 to $45. They cost a little more but give you the eye protection and glare reduction you are seeking. Foreign products, while cheaper, just won’t give you the protection you need. Splurge a little because you deserve the very best and that’s what our Glare Guard products deliver. Another important note about our car sun visors is to make sure you make use of the long velcro straps. These ensure that the visor remains on your built in car visor and will not fall off and distract you from the road.


Check out our great collection of car sun visors and get one for your vehicle today. Reach out to us if you need a custom polarized visor extender. 

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