Night Driving Glasses vs. Glare Guard

Night Driving Glasses AlternativeNight Driving GlassesGlare Guards Night Vision Visor is a POLARIZED visor and not just another pair of yellow night driving glasses. One benefit of it being a visor is that once its attached you won’t forget it, like a pair of glasses.

By having a visor that is easily adjustable and stable on your overhead visor you will never need to think about grabbing it before a long trip. You will already have it above you and when you need it all you have to do is pull it down from the overhead visor.

We are a Polarized film manufacturer, our night vision visors are polarized. They are the ONLY polarized night driving product on the market today. That means that the polarization will block out many of the harmful rays & glare you get from oncoming traffic and other light sources while driving at night.

Glare Guard really strives to make things easier on the eyes of the drivers. We have had many customers come back to us telling us how much our product has really helped them drive at night and that is exactly why we are in the business.

We are constantly looking to make our Night Vision visor and our Car Sun visor better so we would be happy to hear any feedback you might have here.

Night Driving Glasses: Issues

Transmission RateThe major problem with the glasses they sell is what we preach throughout this website. Most yellow glasses or visors on the market claim they will reduce the glare from headlights at night. These Visors/Glasses do not have polarized film so what they just darken the visor to take more of the light away from your eyes which makes it harder to see the darker areas of the road.

This is not a huge problem when driving late on highways or high traffic roads, since there is usually sufficient light to get by. Where you get into trouble is backroads and less travelled main road in more rural areas. These roads can get extremely dark but  since there is still traffic you use these visors. 

Many of these products are tinted plastic and actually have a cloudy look to it. This is because of the poor quality lens they use. There is a reason why many of these products are as cheap as they are.

Once a car travels past you and there is only light from your headlights, sections can get extremely dark and you are less likely to see something dangerous present itself. This could be something such as an animal crossing the road or some other sort of hazard on the road. Not only is this night driving dangerous to you, but it is dangerous to other drivers. 


When you or a loved one is traveling at night you really need to be careful. Many studies done by experts in this field such as insurance companies and other independent studies show that the majority of accidents occur at night. Many elders choose not to even try to drive at night because of this danger. The best things you can do for your eyes on the road is to take things slow and be careful with every turn. Stay awake and if needed use a form of bright polarizing lenses to help brighten the road and clearly show things that may present a problem to you on the road.


To summarize the issues at hand

As many of us get older things start to be harder than they used to be. This is the case with medical issues where you start to see a decrease in your vision and reaction times. With more and more people driving on the roads, these issues can really become a problem. In situations on the road where you need to quickly react or need a good perception of depth the elderly may struggle. Many studies find that when you reach the age of 70, your risk of crash greatly increases. With all of the new means of transportation around now, there is not as much pressures for elderly to keep driving. With all of the public transportation and new companies such as Uber and Lyft, getting around is still easy. The overall goal is safety and night driving is a high risk for many elderly drivers.

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