HD Vision Visor Review: Why Glare Guard is a better Alternative

HD Vision Visor

What is HD Vision Visor?

HD Vision Visor is a product that claims to eliminate glare during the day and at night. it has two visors on a mount that you may swap out for different lighting conditions. This companies marketing and advertising are extremely impressive. They get right to the point about what their products do and how they can positively effect your life. They claim they will drastically reduce the amount of harmful glare throughout the day and night while driving.


The problem is that these products are really just tinted plastic. They do a great job of making it look like the glare is eliminated but really the view is just drastically darkened. This is a problem because instead of just taking away the harmful light, they are taking away all of the light.


This is exactly why polarized sun glasses are more expensive than regular sunglasses. All of the protection is in the polarization. Without the Polarized film you are just darkening the world you see. This isn’t terrible on a very bright day but it doesn’t help you as much as the polarized lenses.



What is an alternative?Night Driving Visor

Glare Guard is made from the same type of material you would expect to see in popular name brand sunglasses such as Maui Jim or Ray Bans & is just effective. It uses the polarization technology to effectively reduce the sun glare that you may experience on the road. This is a perfect product for those who do not like sunglasses, forget them at home or for someone who needs a little more protection than their current sunglasses are providing.


Your best option for glare elimination during the day would be a high quality pair of polarized sunglasses or our Polarized Car Sun Visor. To reduce the glare from headlights at night consider our Polarized night vision visor.


Since our main company is a polarized film manufacturer, we make sure that every visor we have is effective in reducing glare, while at the same time allowing plenty of light to reach your eyes. We are currently the only manufacturer of polarized car visors on the market so any polarized car visor you see originates in our factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.


Why is Glare Guard a better choice than HD Vision Visor?

  • Polarized technology
  • Aluminum Brackets
  • Velcro straps for added security
  • Allows more light to reach your eyes allowing for greater vision


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