Light Sensitivity Makes Driving Difficult

Light SensitivityLight Sensitivity, also called photophobia, can be a major issue for people. The disturbing problem makes it hard to do the simplest things like walk outside on a sunny day, drive a car at night or do any activity around bright lights. Some folks also suffer from migraines and headaches due to this sensitivity and often resort to squinting or wear sunglasses all the time.





Polarized Lenses Work Best
While sunglasses are a great solution, you want to be sure to wear polarized lenses. The polarization process reduces and neutralizes glare from light sources and boosts contrast to make things look extra clear and crisp.


4 Common Conditions that Intensify Light Sensitivity

There are four common conditions related to light sensitivity that can aggravate the eyes and make the problem worse:
Cornial Abrasions
Dry eye syndrome

If you suffer from one of these conditions, we recommend consulting your physician about the best treatments. Your doctor may suggest purchasing a premium pair of polarized glasses such as Ray Ban, Maui Jim or Oakley, to name a few.


Darkened Rooms Are Not the Answer

People who are light sensitive might think spending time in a darkened room will help the problem. Surprisingly, the opposite is Light Sensitive dark roomtrue. You want to avoid dark rooms because this actually can make the situation more prominent.


Many experts encourage sufferers to expose their eyes to more light every day so you can build up a tolerance. This is a slow process, but has been proven to help with sensitivity. A good night’s sleep can promote healing of eye strain and overexposure. If you also experience depression or anxiety, these conditions can make your symptoms stronger, so please speak to your doctor. Every step you take along these lines will improve your ability to handle sunlight.


If you live with light sensitivity and have found sunglasses aren’t enough while driving or even being a passenger, we suggest adding a Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor. These amazing visors add another level of protection for your eyes. On very bright days, our polarized sun visor drastically improves protection from the sun and glare, so you are free to enjoy the natural sunlight and get your dose of vitamin D.

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