Night Vision Visor

Night Vision Visor: Polarized Yellow Night Driving Visor

This product is the most superior Night driving product on the market today. Our Night Vision Visor takes out roughly 20% of the light which is more than 10% less than other products & uses polarizing technology to diminish oncoming glare.

• Polarization reduces harmful glare

• Reduces glare and improves contrast

• Reduces Blue light caused by the latest halogen headlights(Its been shown blue light can be involved in eye damage)

• Eliminates most confusing, eye fatiguing, vision-degrading glare light

• The yellow polarizing visor absorbs glare and improves overall contrast.

• Effective in all seasons- even in the snow.

• Better Alternative to HD Vision Visor

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The Most Reliable & 100% Safe Polarized Night Driving Visor

Featured in AAA Magazine


Glare Guard protects your eyes no matter what conditions there might be. Use our Night Vision to reduce the harmful glare you can get while driving at night and in dark conditions.


It reduces glare drastically from oncoming cars, and other distracting light sources, helping to keep your eyes on the road and keeping you safe.


It is easy on the eyes and provides comfortable driving in dark conditions and when encountering irritating headlights.

With the help of Glare Guard you can finally say there is truly a “No Glare Car Night Driving Visor.”


Why is our Night Vision Visor better than the rest?


Glare Guard’s Yellow Night Vision Visor is effective both in the day and at night. It is most helpful in darker conditions such as rain, snow and night driving. Most consumers prefer it throughout the night.


It greatly reduces the glare you receive from oncoming traffic and other lights that might be effecting your driving. It also has been shown to drastically reduce the blue light some of the new headlights have, that have been linked to eye damage.


This night visor also helps to keep your eyes less stressed and helps to keep you more awake on the road, helping keep you and your passengers safe.



First of all there are currently no other polarized car visor manufacturers in the world. We manufacture the polarized film and from there we move on to create the polarized car visors.


There are only four total polarized film manufacturers in the world and we are the only one outside of the Far East.


Car Owners Wait No More!


Do you avoid Driving at Night?

Do you struggle driving on darker roads?

Does oncoming traffic affect your ability to stay focused on the road?

Well prepare yourself, because you are about to forget all of the above with this polarized Night Driving Car Visor.

No more blurry images! No more eye discomfort! No more squinting on the road!


Eliminate Headlight Glare, Block UV Rays & Protect Your Eyes With A Glare Guard Night Vision Car Visor!


If you love easy driving, then this car night driving visor is the way to go!

Many of the visors you see on the market that claim to reduce night driving glare. While these may look good on television and in magazine advertisements, they can actually be dangerous to the driver.


The only way that they can reduce glare is by tinting the visor to a point where its dark enough that the headlight strength is dulled. This is dangerous because it is limiting the amount of light that reaches your eyes. Less light reaching your eyes means that your not seeing as much of the road and that can be problematic.


Combining an excellent polarized film, sweat free installation and optimal UV blockage, this car sun visor is here to accommodate even your most demanding needs.

Set it up and enjoy your car rides like never before. Do not let the oncoming traffic or or other glare at night become an obstacle.

It comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and makes the best gift to all car drivers! No matter the season, time or car type, a car visor extender like this is always necessary. Even during winter!


With A Glare Guard Polarized Windshield Visor You Could …


  • Reduce Glare from new Halogen Headlights.
  • Dim down bright lights on crowded highways
  • Facilitate road trips, commuting to work, traveling, or running errands.
  • Improve contrast and ensure clear views.
  • Eliminate distortions, eye tiredness, and vision degradation.
  • Stay safe and drive comfortably.

With the use of our strong aluminum clips and the velcro straps for added security this is the perfect visor for those who struggle with night driving.


This is why Glare Guard’s Polarized Night Vision Visor is the only choice on the market that can help protect your eyes and keep you safe on the road.



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For help with driving during the day and sun glare, consider our Car Sun Visor Extender.


Polarized Anti-glare Dark Driving & Night Driving Car Visor
Color: Yellow
Compatibility all car
Material: PVC sandwich of Yellow linear polarizer laminated between acrylic
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 14″

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 16 x 5 x 3 in

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