When looking into a new pair of sunglasses, skiing goggles or any eyewear, you will most likely come across the term polarization.


How Polarized Film Works

What exactly is polarization?  Light waves travel in various directions. When these waves hit a reflective surface such as metal or water, the waves become more uniformed and horizontal in alignment. This bounces right into your eyes, so the goal of polarization is to block these potentially harmful rays from reaching your eyes.


When you look through a standard pair of non-polarized lenses you will see all light the same way. In other words, everything in you line of sight is basically just darker from the tint of the lenses that you are looking through. This will minimally help with sun by darkening your field of vision.


Polarized lenses will take exactly what you get in your standard pair of sunglasses but with the added benefit of protection from those horizontal rays.  So, how exactly do those light waves work? The sun’s job is to produce light waves. And those flow in many different directions. When that light hits a reflective surface, the waves then become horizontal in shape which makes for a very intense beam of light. This is the glare that you see off water, metal & any other reflective surface. When that light reaches your everyday non-polarized lens  you will still see this glare but your vision is just darkened. However, when using a polarized lens the reflective glare (horizontal light waves) is filtered out when hitting the lens and vertical light waves are allowed to pass through. The end result is a drastic reduction is glare—and much better sight of vision for you.



Check out our Gray Polarized Car Visor for Sun Glare!

Also be sure to look into our Men’s Polarized Sunglasses.

Car Visor Extender

Gray Polarized Car Visor Extender


Simply slide this car visor extender onto your built-in car visor and hook velcro straps around the back of the built-in visor. Once attached, adjust the Glare Guard to preferred position and start seeing the road glare free!

The polarized film inside the visor will reduce the harmful glare of the sun while blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB Rays. Glare Guard uses the same polarized technology that you see in top designer sunglass brands, only at a fraction of the price!

Glare Guard Mens Polarized Sunglasses

Men’s Polarized Sunglasses-Sport


Finally, a pair of high-quality polarized sport sunglasses that do not cost you a fortune! Glare Guard’s new sport sunglasses are a very attractive sports wayfarer style frame that is made with every bit of class you see in the top brands across the sunglass industry.

With our sunglasses you will experience a stylish look with strong polarized lenses to greatly reduce the harmful glare from reaching your eyes. With a 20% transmission rate, these are a bit darker than your standard glasses (most are around 30%). Many people love a darker look and that is what we, at Glare Guard, intend to provide.

Glare guard Womens SunglassesGlare Guard Womens Sunglasses

Women’s Polarized Round Sunglasses


Enjoy the clarity and comfort of luxury polarized sunglasses from Glare Guard that offer the perfect balance of style and protection.


Functional and trendy, these black/blue frames are round (similar to aviators) to give you improved visual coverage and feature scratch-resistant, anti-glare lenses that help you see your surroundings more clearly. More importantly, they offer a sleek, yet sophisticated style that makes them great for travel, shopping, or just soaking up a few rays of sun in your own backyard.

Yellow Night Vision Car Visor Extender


Our Night Vision Visor is easily installed. Simply slide the clips onto the built-in visor and attach the velcro straps and you are ready to go. Use this Night Vision Visor to help reduce glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights and other distracting lights at night.

This visor will dim down the harsh lights, while improving contrast on the road. It can be used at any time of the day but is most effective in darker conditions.