What Does Polarized Mean?

“Polarized” is a term often used in the eyewear industry. Most people seems to understand that they want polarized the polarized lenses, but they cannot answer the question, why and why the cost is so high.

So what does polarized mean?

When light bounces of surfaces such as water, cars or buildings it produces a horizontal light. This light originates shooting in all directions but as soon as it becomes horizontal that light is very fine and direct. That is the light that annoys you, can danger you, and probably led you to look into a pair of sunglasses. What the polarized technology does is to filter that horizontal light into a more natural light that your eyes can handle, while minimizing the amount of light taken away from your vision & increasing the clarity. This is why there is so much money involved in the sunglass industry. While you may think a cheap pair of sunglasses will do the trick, it is really just darkening your field of vision and allowing that harmful light to continue to reach your eyes.


So, How do polarized lenses work to help your eyes?

Polarized lenses have a special filter in them that will actually work to absorb this reflected light to protect your eyes. This is why you see many people boaters, skiers and outdoorsmen using polarized sunglasses.  To Better understand check out our diagram. 

How polarized lenses work?


How do Polarized lenses Work

How Polarized lenses Work

Why does polarized film provide protection from sun’s powerful rays?

Light coming from the sun is unpolarized because its rays are vibrating equally in many directions (from many poles). After striking a reflecting surface, such as a glass of water, the light rays tend to vibrate in a preferential direction, or become polarized. This light is known to be harmful to your eyes and damage vision, which is why most Opthomologists, Opticians and MD’s endorse the use of polarized sunglasses. Glare-Guard absorbs up to 90% of these harmful polarized light rays before they reach your eyes, without the need for additional glasses. Remove the harmful sun glare from your life with the help of our Car Sun Visor.

About our Car Visors

Visors are our top of the line glare protective shields that easily clamp onto car, van or truck  visors for protection

against sun or night-light glare. They utilize our in-house manufactured, coated polarized film,  manufactured right here in the USA. Our goal is to provide a polarized car visor for every type of driving condition you may come across. We would like to improve the safety for everyone behind the wheel. We also would like to make our product an affordable option when it comes to polarized products. When you take a look at the polarized sunglasses market, the top brands are quite expensive. Because we manufacture the film right here, we can afford to make our visors as affordable as we do. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve our products please do not hesitate to Contact Us!


Polarized Lenses vs Non-Polarized

What does polarized meanSome glare-protective glasses boast a ‘high-definition’ component, which means little more than being able to see through the product. Much like polarized vs. non-polarized sunglasses, the only real protection from glare comes from polarized versions since they actually refract or disperse 90% of the harmful rays that can penetrate oureyes. To the right you will see an example of polarized vs unpolarized lenses provided by Ryder’s Eyewear.





Daytime Car Sun Visors & Night Driving Visors

Offered in two different colors – grey & yellow  to suit your particular needs, our visors are made for driving—without the need for additional eyeglasses. Simply attach Glare-Guard to your vehicle’s visor and retract until you need it. For added protection from night time glare, high output headlights and for those who’ve had eye surgery, the yellow polarized visor provides some of the best glare protection available—especially for night time driving.



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